Module 1


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Hi, I’m Joel Greenblatt, I’ll be your instructor during your time here at Invest5 University (okay, I’m also the Dean of Students, head groundskeeper and pretty much everything else here at Invest5 University).  But that’s okay.  I love teaching, I love writing and I love investing (and truthfully, the groundskeeping part only involves cleaning up a few misplaced commas and figuring out where the semi-colons are supposed to go).

But I’m also the co-founder of Invest5 and have, for over two decades, been a professor on the adjunct faculty of Columbia Business School. I’m the author of a number of bestselling investment books, including The Little Book that Beats the Market and You Can be a Stock Market Genius.  In 1985, I founded Gotham Capital, a highly successful private investment partnership, and currently, I am Managing Principal of Gotham Asset Management. I’ve served on numerous multi-billion-dollar endowment and investment boards, enjoy bad movies and good pizza.

Most important, though, I’m excited that you’re here and ready to learn about investing.  The curriculum runs from Freshman year through Graduate School, covering the very basics of the stock market all the way to some of the most advanced concepts in investing. While questions are encouraged (and all the material will be continually updated and expanded to help answer as many as we can), sucking up and grade grubbing will not be tolerated.

And finally, before you get started on your journey, here’s the best part. Tuition is free and you never have to hurry through.  We only hope that you find the learning priceless and that these lessons last a lifetime.  Good luck and let’s get going!