Module 1

As you work through Module 1, you will get an introduction to the vocabulary of investing and an understanding of basic financial concepts. Join Joel as he simplifies the stock market using easy-to-understand examples and humor.  


I’m excited that you’re here and ready to learn about investing.  The curriculum runs from Freshman year through Graduate School, covering the very basics of the stock market all the way to some of the most advanced concepts in investing. While questions are encouraged (and all the material will be continually updated and expanded to help answer as many as we can), here’s the best part. Tuition is free and you never have to hurry through.  We only hope that you find the learning priceless and that these lessons last a lifetime.  Good luck and let’s get going!                 

Explore on Your Own

Lesson 1

What is a share of stock?

Despite how it sometimes appears, a share of stock is not just a piece of paper that bounces around at different prices.

Lesson 2

What is the stock market?

Contrary to what many people believe, when you invest in the “stock market,”, you are not giving money to that company.

Lesson 3

Why invest in the stock market?

 U.S. traded public company stocks has resulted in average returns of more than 10% per year over the last 50 years.

Lesson 4

What is a stock market index?

 One way to buy an ownership stake in a broad array of companies is to buy an Index fund.

Lesson 5

What if I invest money in the stock market and something “bad” happens?

Here’s the key.  Over the long term, the best plan for investors has been to remain patient–and invested!

Lesson 6

Why own shares of stock in the first place? Where does the “value” of a business come from? Why is share ownership often better than other investment choices?

If put in the right context, almost everyone can understand where the value of a business comes from.