Let Joel Greenblatt be your investment guide.

As the Co-founder of Invest5, and Managing Principal of Gotham Asset Management, Joel will teach you everything from stock market basics to advanced investment concepts, and answer all of your questions.

by Joel Greenblatt


Hi, I’m Joel Greenblatt, I’ll be your instructor during your time here at Invest5 University (okay, I’m also the Dean of Students, head groundskeeper and pretty much everything else here at Invest5 University).  But that’s okay.  I love teaching, I love writing and I love investing (and truthfully, the groundskeeping part only involves cleaning up a few misplaced commas and figuring out where the semi-colons are supposed to go).


Move through the Investment Modules in order or pick the sessions that meet your needs and interests.

Introduction to Investing

Why own shares of stock in the first place?  Where does the “value” of a business come from? Why is share ownership often better than other investment choices?

Learn the answers to these questions and more.

Investing 101

Discover how you can start investing and ways to measure your success. Understand how the Risk-Return relationship affects investment gains and the value of diversification.

Gain invaluable insights direct from Joel Greenblatt.

Invest5 University

 Listen to Q&A chats with Joel Greenblatt, Invest5 CEO and Co-founder as he covers a diverse range of investment topics.

News and Press

Keep up with the latest industry news.